Calling Central Pennsylvania home

Central Pennsylvania is a great place to call home. The quiet Susquehanna River Valley is a region of rolling farmland and small towns.  It is full of close-knit communities, good schools, and outdoor recreational activities. Major metropolitan areas are just a short drive away making Central Pennsylvania the perfect blend of small town pride and global access. With more people working remotely, starting new businesses, and settling into the local lifestyle, home improvement projects are on the rise. So we’ve put together a list of the ten home improvement projects that make the most sense for the region.

Making a smart home improvement

Central Pennsylvania enjoys four distinct seasons. Swimming, kayaking, and hiking in the summer gives way to county fairs and football games in the fall; skiing and snowmobiling are favorite winter activities. Farmers markets, spring flowers, and fall leaf colors are part of what makes each season a pleasure in the region.

Additionally each season also helps shape home improvement and maintenance; enjoying a beautiful view while protecting your home from cold north winds; raising a structure above frost lines and flood plains; building additional outdoor space for warm weather entertaining; finishing a basement to use as a recreation room, workshop, or home office. These are all great home improvement projects that can help maximize your lifestyle while protecting and adding value to your central Pennsylvania home.

10 great home improvement projects:

  1. Add a Sunroom or Screened Porch

A sunroom or screened porch is an inexpensive way to add value and space to your home. A sunroom provides comfortable living space from spring to fall; wide walls of screens or windows allow in sunlight and breezes while protecting you from insects and rain. Adding fans or air conditioning can keep you cool and comfortable for three seasons of indoor/outdoor living.


Sunroom home improvement
  1. Add a Patio or Deck

If you like to grill or barbeque, adding a deck or patio can be the perfect home addition; a deck is the perfect outdoor entertaining area with a great flow of space and endless custom options from fire pits to custom seating to fully functional outdoor kitchens. Not only does a deck enhance the look and function of your home, it also adds value as a home improvement project that usually offers 100% return on investment in home value.

  1. Upgrade and Update Insulation

Upgrading insulation is the best way to keep your home comfortable year-round here in central Pennsylvania. Insulation is a home improvement that not only pays for itself, it improves your quality of life, especially during the cold winter months. With new technology, insulation is more efficient and effective than ever. It’s worth it to get the existing insulation in your attic and walls checked by a professional to see what simple improvements are available. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to insulate your water pipes!

  1. Upgrade Windows

High quality windows are investments that really pay off here in central Pennsylvania. New energy efficient windows keep your house warmer or cooler and quieter. They will also save you money in the long run by improving the efficiency of your HVAC and heating systems. Make sure that your caulking and weather stripping are in good shape; these are quick and easy ways to ensure you get the most protection from your windows.

  1. Add a Garage

A garage addition is a fantastic addition to your home. No more scraping ice or snow off the windshield in the winter, or worrying about a summer hailstorm damaging your vehicles. Rafter space is also great for larger “toy” storage like canoes and kayaks. And safely storing your yard maintenance equipment like tillers, mowers, and tools provides peace of mind.

  1. Finish or Remodel a Basement

A finished basement provides year-round use and extra space to spread out. Don’t leave value on the table by leaving your basement unfinished! Popular basement improvement projects and remodels include a family room or home theater, a home gym, a guest or in-law suite, or even a dedicated workshop. Additionally, with home-based businesses on the rise, a basement office can be a great place to get work done without leaving home. Or a basement can be a great space for kids to play indoors during the winter.

  1. Convert an Existing Room

Making the best use of your living space is key.  And as families grow and change, home improvements can help you adapt your space to new needs. Also, adapting existing rooms is usually more cost effective than a new addition. Talk to a contractor about how to re-configure attic space into a bedroom or carve out a main floor bathroom. Or consider smaller tweaks to turn unused bedrooms into hobby rooms. These changes can be key to long term satisfaction with your home. A room conversion helps you get the most flexibility out of your home.

  1. Roof Upgrade; an Excellent Home Improvement

Metal Roof for Home Improvement

A metal roof upgrade is an ideal central Pennsylvania home improvement

Central Pennsylvania is no stranger to severe weather. In 2014, the area experienced a hailstorm that wreaked havoc on trees, buildings, and vehicles.  Winter storms dump heavy snow on rooftops while wind and sun can degrade asphalt shingle roofs. Upgrading to a heavy-duty metal roof can protect your home in severe weather. New energy efficient and weather-tough materials are available that can lower maintenance and improve your home’s value. Roofing upgrades are a wise investment in protecting the basic structure and soundness of your home.



  1. Storm Doors/ Winter Doors

Just as upgrading windows can improve your home’s efficiency, winter or storm doors can add an extra layer of protection against the elements. For a simple, relatively inexpensive home improvement, add door upgrades to your window upgrade project. Storm doors can be converted to screen doors in the summer and solid panels with integrated insulation in the winter for year-round benefit. And with improvements in construction materials and technology, you can get light-weight and attractive door designs – these aren’t your grandfather’s clunky storm doors!

  1. Low Maintenance Gutters

The trees and greenery are part of what makes central Pennsylvania such a great place to live. We all look forward to the new growth in spring, shady summer days, and the burst of color in the fall. But let’s face it, a Saturday spent cleaning leaves out of the gutters is no one’s idea of a good time. Installing a gutter system with mesh coverings or deflectors helps protect the gutters from falling leaves and helps save time and hard work. There are great low-maintenance gutter systems available in a variety of styles. They not only enhance the look of your home, but keep you off those wobbly ladders (and on your deck!)

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