We have a very old house constructed in 1909 and we decided to redo our ancient upstairs bathroom. The remodel involved the construction of a shower unit over an old claw bathtub in addition to installing new linoleum, vanity, mirror, light bar, and a ceiling light with a fan. When we called plumbers in our area that we had used before, and several contractors they were not willing to take on the job due to the non-standard installation ( specifically the shower unit and boxing in the old claw bathtub with wainscoting) or they simply did not call us back for whatever reason. When we found J&K Simeone construction via the internet, they promptly called us back and a representative met with us the following week. We looked at the remodeling job and worked out together what my wife and I wanted. They were great to work with. We actually changed our mind in the middle of the project about the tub and they redid the original construction with no questions asked, and no additional charge except for the materials. We also came up with a few more jobs that they agreed to do while they were there. We are extremely pleased with the work. Our old bathroom which we rarely used is now our main bathroom because of their work. We are now considering having them build us a sunroom in the back of our house. I highly recommend J&K Simeone construction for any project you may have around the house.

Rich Slavick

We appreciate your prompt and great service. We are very pleased with the work that was done. The job was done in a timely manner and very professional.

Barone Hepler