Metal roof installation has been exploding in popularity over the past few years. Metal roofs have a long history on barns and other commercial buildings but homeowners are now seeing the benefits of modern materials and improvements in roofing systems and are looking for ways to integrate this feature into their homes.


Why choose metal roof installation?

While the initial cost of a metal roof installation can be higher than other traditional roofing materials, we think that the benefits and long term cost-saving make it a smart investment. How is is a smart investment? By increasing your home’s resale value, lowering maintenance, providing weather protection, and increased energy efficiency. But a metal roof isn't just smart, it's also a very attractive choice.

Looking good

Whether you are a fan of the modern farmhouse look, a rustic lodge, or a modern contemporary home, updates in metal roof materials give you a lot of options.  You can even use a metal roof on  low pitched rooflines not suitable for asphalt shingles (due to the possibility of leaks) or for a dramatic curved roofline. A metal roof can add a sleek, contemporary edge to a traditional home; or it can bring a little of that farmhouse look to a city home.

Material types:

Standing seam roofing is probably what you think of when you think of a metal roof. Sheets of coated steel come in large seamed panels.  These panels will be laid out over the roof structure and insulation; they are fastened at regular intervals on a raised  seam to give the roof a clean look and prevent leaks. Standing seam roofing is manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes and can be customized with capping and edging details. 

 Metal panels that are stamped and formed to mimic the look of tiles, slate, or shingles are also available now. Panels of stamped metal interlock on your roof structure to create an extremely durable roof with a more traditional appearance. These metal panels are much lighter in weight and are more durable than terra cotta tiles or asphalt shingles and will look great for decades.

 Metal roofs are manufactured with a durable, “baked-on” coating that doesn’t rust, fade, of look chalky. While these materials are ready to go as-is, you can choose to have your roof painted to coordinate with your home’s exterior color. Usually made from recycled materials, metal roof installation waste is also recyclable.

Protecting your home

Your roof is arguably the most important exterior surface of your home since its integrity is what keeps the rest of the structure working. Metal roof installation can help protect your home from weather and wind and from temperature fluctuations in summer and winter.

Weather proofing

Metal roofs are extremely durable and weather safe. Today’s systems have a 120- mph wind rating, which is equal to an F2 tornado or a category 3 hurricane. While we don't typically experience that level of violent weather in central Pennsylvania, the possibility of severe thunderstorms and winter storms exists. A metal roof can help protect your home from the elements far more effectively than other roofing materials. And installation is quick so any needed repairs will be handled in short order. Most modern metal roofs will not dent or scratch during a typical hail storm and can prevent the spread of fire from flying embers or surrounding trees.

Low maintenance

Metal roofing can also last a lifetime. While you may need to replace asphalt shingles every 20-25 years, metal roofs can easily last 60 years with little to no maintenance. Only copper and slate roofs, which are extremely expensive, have a longer lifespan than a coated steel roof. And with modern coating materials, metal roofs won’t rust or dent under normal (and even some fairly extreme) conditions.


Comforts of home


One of the most common questions with people considering metal roof installation is “will my metal roof be loud?” Many people find the sound of rain on a rooftop soothing. But if you are concerned about too much noise, you can relax. Properly installing a metal roof means it will be well insulated and is often quieter than an asphalt roof.

 Energy efficient

A metal roof is also very energy efficient. Did you know that a metal roof can save you up to 40% of your energy usage during the summer? Their lighter colors and reflectivity help bounce the sun’s heat off of your roof in the summer. This reduces heat build-up in attic spaces and upstairs rooms, improving your home’s cooling system efficiency. Metal roofs also shed snow very effectively.  This makes weight from a build-up from snow storms less of a problem. And proper metal roof installation means there won’t be as many crevices and seams for heat to escape during the winter.


Additionally, rainwater harvesting is another benefit of a metal roof.  Run-off from metal roofs contains fewer contaminants and particulate than asphalt shingles. You can use harvested rainwater for gardening, car washing, and landscape watering. And saving thousands of gallons a year in water usage can be great for your wallet, and for the environment.



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