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Sunbury, Pennsylvania sits prominently at the confluence of the main and west branches of the Susquehanna river.  Thanks to this unique natural bestowment Sunbury, PA boasts plenty of outdoor parks and recreational spaces for people to relax and unwind.  A newly constructed sunroom would benefit any residential home in Sunbury, PA.

Sunrooms and Sunbury, PA

You can't be wrong when the common thread is the Sun.

Sunbury, PA and the surrounding areas provide a natural respite from a busy life and routine.  Planning on installing a sunroom brings the outdoors inside while increasing the value of your home and proving more usable space.   Sunrooms are an affordable solution to adding on to your existing home and leveraging one of the area's greatest assets. 

When planning a sunroom the first thing to consider is what type of sunroom you will be looking to have installed.   Sunrooms come in various types including 3 season and 4 season.   A 3 season sunroom provides screens and a roof to ensure your summer party doesn’t get washed out by a shower and offers a place to find respite from bugs and pollen.   A three season sunroom can be used comfortably well into the fall and even into the early winter. 

If full winter usage is desirable than a 4 season sunroom might be worth the consideration.  A four season sunroom has a finished interior and is intended to be used year round to enjoy the scenery and natural light offered by the large windows.  This type of sunroom is winterized and heated to provide enjoyment through the long winter months.

When considering which type of sunroom it’s important to consider factors like heat, location, wind and availability.  Each type of sunroom has its own considerations in installing, heating and maintenance costs. 

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If enjoying the outdoors from your Sunbury, PA home is one of the reasons you love living in the area than perhaps a sunroom makes sense. Enjoy your outdoor space throughout more of the year while increasing your home's with an A&B Sunroom by J&K Simeone! Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with any additional information you might need to help you make the decision to invest in your outdoor space.

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